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Advanced Placement, African American Studies Revisions, Will Include Colin Kaepernick's 2016 Protest

In its latest version, an Advanced Placement (AP) African American Studies course for U.S. high schools introduces substantial content, notably including Colin Kaepernick's 2016 protest. Released by the #College Board, the course plan has undergone revisions after facing criticism, particularly from conservative circles. The inclusion of Kaepernick's protest, where he knelt during the #nationalanthem to protest racial oppression and police brutality, emphasizes the course's commitment to addressing controversial topics related to history, culture, and race.

Facing scrutiny and revisions, terms like "systemic" were initially removed but are now reinstated. The plan now prominently features scholar Kimberlé Crenshaw and her work on "intersectionality," which was previously downplayed. These revisions respond to concerns that the course had been watered down in response to conservative pressure.

The AP African American Studies course, currently in a trial phase, is set for a nationwide launch next fall. The revised 294-page document, developed by a team of experts, covers the African diaspora, enslavement, resistance, Reconstruction, Jim Crow, the civil rights movement, and more. New additions include an extended focus on White supremacist violence, the Tulsa race massacre, and additional lessons on Black life in theater, television, film, and sports alongside Kaepernick's protest. 

Courses will also allow students to explore contemporary topics, such as the reparations debate and Black Lives Matter, although it does not explicitly require their study. The revisions aim to provide a comprehensive and diverse understanding of African American history and culture, embracing different perspectives within the Black intellectual tradition.


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