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A Colorado City Settles Lawsuit By Mother of Man Killed By Police After Stopping Gunman

The city of Olde Town Arvada, a historic area approximately 7 miles northwest of downtown Denver, recently announced that it has agreed to a $2.8 million settlement filed by the mother of a man who lost his life at the hands of police in 2021.

Boleyn's lawsuit, filed in June 2022, contended that her son, Johnny Hurley, had acted heroically by intervening in the situation when a gunman, Ronald Troyke, had just fatally shot Officer Gordon Beesley. Hurley confronted Troyke and successfully incapacitated him, but in a startling turn of events, he was fatally shot by an officer.

The lawsuit asserted that Hurley posed no threat at the time of the shooting, as he was crouched down with a rifle pointing downward, seemingly attempting to secure the weapon.

A subsequent district attorney's investigation cleared the officer involved, Kraig Brownlow, stating that it appeared Hurley was either reloading the rifle or attempting to fix it.

District Attorney Alexis King explained that Brownlow believed Hurley might be a second shooter and acted swiftly to prevent potential harm to others. The lawsuit also accused Brownlow and two other officers of retreating to safety inside a police substation, alleging that they prioritized self-preservation over protecting civilians.

Brownlow, upon seeing Hurley with Troyke's firearm, chose to open fire on him from behind without issuing a warning, a decision that the lawsuit contends was a deliberate and unjustified use of deadly force.

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