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A Bronx cop shot and critically injured a man suffering from a medical episode

An NYPD report says cops shot and critically wounded a Bronx man after his father called 911.

A 42-year-old man, visiting his father in the Kingsbridge neighborhood, was shot by police after he was seen holding a kitchen knife and threatening officers. NYPD Chief of Patrol John Chell said the man was "emotionally disturbed."

“The caller, who is the father, describes his adult son having a medical episode, describing he feels he’s being followed, persecuted, and goes on to state, ‘If any cops show up here today, I will kill them,’” Chell said.

The man, who police have not identified, became agitated when two police officers arrived at the scene around 10 a.m. Chell said the man approached them with a large kitchen knife and refused to drop it.

“The officers gave numerous instructions to drop the knife, at which time he did not comply,” said Chell. “They discharged the firearms, striking the subject.”

According to the NYPD, the officers' body cameras recorded the 28-second altercation.

An ambulance was called to transport the man to a local hospital, according to Chell.

Neither the hospital to which the man was taken nor the number of times he was shot was immediately disclosed by the NYPD.

Law enforcement in America routinely proves that we cannot rely on them to help during times of crisis without trying to kill us.

Source: Gothamist


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