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8 Ohio Police Who Fatally Shot Jayland Walker 46 Times Won't Be Punished

In #Akron, #Ohio, the police chief, Steve Mylett, declared that the fatal shooting of 25-year-old #JaylandWalker by eight officers was "in compliance" with department policies. The incident occurred on June 27, 2022, when officers fired nearly 100 shots at the Black driver in under seven seconds after a traffic stop escalated into a police chase.

Walker, initially alleged to have fired at officers from his car, was unarmed when he was struck or grazed by 46 bullets from seven white officers. Despite community outrage and protests, Mylett acknowledged some officer mistakes, including an unintentional magazine violation allowing extra rounds and two officers not activating body cameras.

Mylett revealed these details in a three-page executive summary, asserting that the officers would not face disciplinary action. He stated that the use of Tasers and firearms, though unsuccessful, followed police protocol. Walker's family filed a $45 million federal lawsuit against Akron after a special grand jury declined to charge the officers in April. The attorney general, Dave Yost, emphasized that Walker had fired at police first, supporting the officers' actions.

The decision sparked national attention amid the broader Black Lives Matter movement, reigniting concerns about violent outcomes in routine traffic stops involving unarmed Black individuals. Walker's family, undeterred by the chief's position, remains committed to pursuing justice through the legal system.

Bobby DiCello, the attorney representing Walker's family, expressed that while the decision wasn't unexpected, it has served as a catalyst for him and the family to actively seek further avenues for justice.

"Everyone should be encouraged to read what the Chief of Police wrote. He said Jayland's shooting 'was in compliance with the policies of the Akron Police Department,'" DiCello told HuffPost. "That says it all. While not unexpected, it is exactly this position that makes it critical for us to continue the lawsuit on behalf of Jayland Walker's family. In fact, it is exactly because of this position that we look forward to moving this case further through our justice system."

The decision by Akron, Ohio's police chief, not to punish the eight officers involved in the fatal shooting of Jayland Walker, despite the horrifying circumstances, is a stark reminder of the urgent need for #abolitionnow.

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