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78-Year-Old Black Woman Awarded $3.76 Million Over Botched SWAT Raid

Updated: Mar 12

Ruby Johnson, a 78-year-old grandmother from #Colorado, was awarded a $3.76 million jury verdict following a botched SWAT raid on her home in 2022. The raid, based on faulty information from Apple's "Find My" app, targeted her residence for a stolen truck, guns, and an iPhone. 

The #ACLU, representing Johnson, argued that #Denver #police officers violated the state's constitution by hastily obtaining and executing a search warrant without probable cause. Johnson, who lived alone, endured a terrifying experience as SWAT officers ransacked her home while she was in her robe and slippers. The jury's verdict included $1.26 million in compensatory damages and $2.5 million in punitive damages. 

As a city, Denver is responsible for paying the settlement, with the possibility of individual officers facing additional penalties if found to have acted in bad faith. Despite an internal affairs review resulting in no formal discipline for the officers involved, Johnson's lawsuit highlights the flaws in relying solely on technology like the "Find My" app for law enforcement purposes. 

The botched raid pushes conversations of accountability and proper investigation procedures in police actions, particularly in cases of alleged misconduct.

Let us stand in solidarity with Ruby Johnson and all those who have been unjustly victimized by police violence, reaffirming our commitment to dismantling oppressive systems and building a society where everyone can live free from fear and harm.

Link: NBCNews 


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