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6-Year-Old Black Boy Chandler Hughes Becomes One Of The Youngest Members Of Mensa

Chandler Hughes, a 6-year-old #Texas first grader, exhibits exceptional intelligence, placing him among the world's brightest minds. Recognized as unique by his parents, Hughes began reading at just one year and nine months. By pre-kindergarten, he had reached second-grade levels in reading and math. His extraordinary intellect led to his induction into #Mensa, a prestigious high-IQ society that requires scoring in the top 2% on an approved intelligence test.

According to #NBC News, Hughes' father describes him as part of a "special fraternity of people who are essentially geniuses." Despite his intellectual achievements, Hughes' parents are focused on nurturing his social skills and ensuring he grows up in a supportive community. His father emphasizes the importance of socializing and utilizing Hughes' talents to enhance literacy and math rates in their community.

Hughes, supported by his teachers and peers, is not only academically advanced but also has aspirations for his future. He aims to become a medical #doctor, motivated to help people when they are sick. This goal reflects his drive to use his abilities for the greater good, showcasing his potential to achieve greatness in life.

Chandler Hughes, your exceptional intelligence is a beacon of inspiration for all of us. Your journey proves that you can achieve greatness with determination and a strong support system. 

Link: AfroTech 


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