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22-year-old Hedi Beaten By French Police Enough For Skull Damage 

In a new interview with French media outlet Konbini, 22-year-old Marseille, France assistant restaurant manager Hedi described being beaten by law enforcement in graphic detail. This included serious head trauma, a broken jaw and damaged sight in his left eye. According to the interview Hedi said his disfigured head made it hard for him to look in the mirror.

For the attack against Hedi, four police officers were charged last week for the violent incident with one officer remaining in custody before trial. The attack on the man happened as France has faced several nights of civil unrest over the killing of a 17-year-old boy Nahel by police during a traffic stop outside of Paris in Nanterre in late June.

Hedi said the night of the incident, him and a friend were not taking part in the unrest and even greeted officers before being hit with a blast ball and beaten.

“We said ‘good evening’. We saw they didn’t want to talk to us. Then it started,” he said. “As I turned around, I received an impact to the head. At the start I didn’t know what it was, I fell to the ground. When I wanted to get up, they caught me and dragged me into a dark corner, then they started to hit me.”

National Police Chief Frédéric Veaux in an interview with Le Parisien made controversial statements by saying, “In general, I believe that ahead of a possible trial a police officer should not be in prison, even if he may have committed serious faults or errors in the course of his work.”

Source: The Guardian


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