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21 new Tulsa victims exhumed in continued search

We continue to feel the violence that white supremacy has inflicted on this country every day.

Last week, researchers discovered 21 more victims of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre. Since 2020, archaeologists have been excavating various areas in Tulsa that may contain victims from the destroyed Greenwood district, many of whom were unaccounted for in unmarked graves; since the search began, they've exhumed over 30 coffins of victims.

By preserving usable DNA collected from some of these victims, researchers hope to sequence and create a genealogy profile to link present-day descendants to those family members lost to racial violence over a century ago.

The victims of the Tulsa Race Massacre and their families have not been forgotten, and we hope this search continues to bring closure to this tragedy, and usher in healing and justice.


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