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2022 State Traffic Stop Report Shows Pattern of Racial Profiling Against Black and Brown People

A recent report from #California's Racial and Identity Profiling Advisory Board reveals alarming disparities in #traffic stops based on race. In 2022, Black individuals constituted nearly 13% of traffic stops in the state despite making up only 5% of California's population. This data, collected from all law enforcement agencies in the state, highlights a pervasive pattern of racial profiling in policing.

The report includes information from nearly 4.6 million vehicle and pedestrian stops by 535 police agencies in 2022. It also takes into account officers' perceptions of race, ethnicity, gender, and disability status when making stops. The goal is to identify and analyze bias within policing, recognizing that officer perception drives these biases.

#Hispanic or #Latino individuals comprised almost 43% of the traffic stops in 2022, while white individuals accounted for over 32%. These statistics are disproportionate compared to their respective population percentages.

Despite Census estimates from 2021 indicating that Black or African American people make up just 5.4% of California's population, the report underscores the need for addressing racial profiling and bias in policing. The advisory board's work aims to inform policy changes and initiatives by state agencies and lawmakers to reduce these disparities and promote fair policing practices.

The data from California's 2022 State Traffic Stop Report serves as a sobering reflection of the persistent racial biases within the police systems. These disparities in traffic stops perpetuate systemic injustices.

Link: PBS


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