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17-Month-Old Child Is Hospitalized Over Flash-Bang Explosion During Police Raid

An #Ohio mother is demanding an investigation into a mistaken police raid that she says injured her young son, captured on a doorbell camera. Dozens of police officers targeted her aunt's home in a Cleveland suburb. The woman claims that a flash-bang explosion shattered a window near her 17-month-old son, who was already on a ventilator at the time. Police argue that the search was appropriate and dispute the woman's account.

Courtney Price described the terrifying incident where lights flashed, and smoke entered her home as police broke down the door. She was afraid to approach her son, fearing for his safety with guns pointed at her. Price's son, Waylon, suffered burns and was covered in glass and smoke, diagnosed with chemical pneumonitis from the chemicals in the flash-bang.

Elyria Police countered that the child did not sustain visible injuries at the scene and denied allegations of chemical exposure. Price's aunt, who rented the home, reported multiple instances of police searching for a suspect who didn't live there and expressed feeling unsafe.

The family intends to take legal action against the department, and the city's mayor is deeply concerned, initiating an investigation into the department's conduct and planning to release bodycam footage to the public.

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Link: CBS News


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