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14-Year-Old Girl Graduates From Arizona State University

Texas native Alena McQuarter already made headlines in 2021 for graduating from high school at 12. She is set to graduate from Arizona State University in December with a bachelor's degree in biomedical biological sciences with a minor in global health.

"I've always tried to prove that girls of color … they can do what they put their minds to," McQuarter told USA TODAY last week. "Being able to graduate at the age of 12 from high school and going into college, I just want to inspire other girls to follow their dreams."

Initially, McQuarter was looking to double major in astronomical and planetary science alongside chemistry but made the pivot after taking an engineering class and realizing it wasn't for her. Though she has been admitted to the University of Alabama's Heersink School of Medicine to pursue a medical degree, she's more interested in research. After that, McQuarter looks to pursue a doctorate and study viral immunology, focusing on infectious diseases.

"In the future, I want to look into health care and underrepresented communities," she said. "I just want to learn more and be able to develop different things to help … increase health care in underrepresented communities and advocate for people."

Congratulations Alena! We are cheering for you.

Link: USA Today


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