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10-Year-Old Boy Who Was Detained For Urinating In Public Gets Three Months Probation & More

In August, a 10-year-old boy in Senatobia, #Mississippi, found himself in a legal predicament after being witnessed urinating in public by a plainclothes #Senatobia #Police Detective. The incident occurred in a parking lot near the Tate County Courthouse while the child's mother sought legal assistance in a nearby law office. Notably, there was a "no public restroom" sign inside the courthouse.

Following the incident, the child was taken to the police station, though he was not handcuffed. Police Chief Richard Chandler clarified that the officer who witnessed the act is no longer with the Senatobia Police force, but whether the officer was fired remains undisclosed. Chief Chandler previously described the incident as an "error in judgment." The family of the 10-year-old retained attorney Carlos Moore, who confirmed that the child had been placed on three months probation and is required to write a two-page report on Kobe Bryant as part of the resolution. 

This incident has stirred community concerns, prompting calls for accountability within the police department. The police chief has acknowledged the community's dissatisfaction and the need for transparency in handling such situations. Attorney Moore is representing the family, emphasizing the importance of addressing the incident and ensuring the fair treatment of the child involved.

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Link: WJTV


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