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Record For Longest Fiction Book For Black Children Goes To 10-Year-Old Hephzibah Akinwale

10-year-old Hephzibah Akinwale, a student at Little Thetford C of E Primary School in East Cambridge, #Massachusetts, has achieved a remarkable feat in the world of young literacy. Her novel, "Chronicles of the Time Keepers: Whisked Away," stands as a testament to her exceptional talent and creativity. This 58,000-word book introduces herself as the protagonist, navigating a narrative woven with vivid dreams that blur the lines between reality and imagination.

Her accomplishment has garnered attention, being recognized as the longest fiction book by Shine My Crown. Celebrating her achievement, the "Black and Brown Success" #Instagram page highlighted her as the youngest author to pen a novel of such length, inviting readers to relish the captivating adventure and inspirational tale written by this extraordinary 10-year-old.

Chika Akinwale, Hephzibah's mother, expressed pride in her daughter's groundbreaking achievement. She shared that beyond the literary realm, Hephzibah's success serves as an inspiration, particularly for young Black girls. In line with Black History Month, Chika believes her daughter's accomplishment could motivate children of color, as she herself represents a young girl of color breaking barriers through her literary prowess.

Additionally, Hephzibah's contributions and talents have earned her a spot among the top 20 young individuals selected to partake in celebrating the Coronation of King Charles III by the East Cambridgeshire District Council. This recognition further emphasizes her positive impact within the local community, solidifying her role as an inspirational figure for aspiring young writers and children from diverse backgrounds.

Congratulations to Hephzibah Akinwale and be sure to give your thoughts in the comments.


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