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Real Madrid's Vini Jr. Calls for Condemnation of Racist Fans

Soccer fans across the world are known for showing their immense pride in their favorite teams, but racist spectators often take advantage of high-intensity games to spew hate at Black soccer players. Vinicius Jr., an Afro-Brazilian forward for Real Madrid, was the target of racist chants and insults from Atletico Madrid fans during a game this past September. Vini Jr. condemned the abuse he endured during the match, and stated in an interview that all fans who engage in racist behavior during soccer matches should be banned indefinitely from attending games.

“All the racist people must pay in some way. If they like to watch soccer, so those Atletico Madrid fans should never be allowed to step foot in a stadium again.... That will make them suffer the consequences and reflect about their actions.”

Racism and anti-Blackness is a worldwide problem, particularly in the sports world of soccer. However, calling out racism when it occurs by following Vini Jr.'s example can be a step towards justice for Black footballers.


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