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Protesters In Victorville, California Seek Justice For 16-Year-Old Girl Being Body Slammed By Police

A protest erupted in Victorville, California recently in response to a disturbing incident at Victor Valley High School.

A 16-year-old girl, identified as Faith Jeffers, was forcefully slammed to the ground by a San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department deputy during a high school football game. The incident occurred while the deputy was attempting to break up a fight, during which Faith allegedly lunged for the deputy's Pepper Ball gun. The deputy grabbed and lifted her before throwing her down, causing traumatic injuries to her head and spine. Faith, a Victor Valley High School sophomore, was hospitalized and subsequently released.

The incident unfolded after Faith had reportedly been targeted by a girl from another school who was bullying her. When a fight broke out at the football game, Faith's mother, Priscilla Jeffers, feared for her daughter's life as she witnessed the altercation. Faith is now in a full-body brace and faces a lengthy recovery process.

40 demonstrators gathered near the Victorville sheriff's substation during the protest, demanding accountability for the deputy involved. Tensions escalated during the protest, with officers detaining multiple individuals and deploying pepper spray.

Los Angeles-based activist Edin Enamorado, who led the protest, expressed outrage at the deputy's actions, describing them as a potential "death sentence" for Faith. Enamorado and the family intend to seek answers and accountability, including a public records request to reveal the deputy's name.

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