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Protester Settles With Sacramento For $3 Million With The City After She Is Blinded By Police

Shantania Love, who lost her left eye after being hit by a rubber bullet during a 2020 protest against #police brutality in #Sacramento, has settled with the city for $3 million. Love, part of a peaceful demonstration chanting "hands up, don't shoot" on a freeway overpass, was struck by a rubber bullet fired by an unidentified officer or deputy.

The impact caused significant injury, requiring surgery, and doctors informed her that she would likely never regain sight in her left eye. Love, a mother of two, emphasized the emotional toll on her family, with her young daughters struggling to cope with their mother's injury.

In June 2020, Love filed a lawsuit against the city of Sacramento and 44 police officers, seeking accountability for her injury. The settlement, reached in July, outlined that Love would receive $3 million from the city by August 11, 2023. However, the agreement did not admit fault on the city's part.

As part of the settlement, all defendants named in the lawsuit, including the city and the #police officers, were released from financial responsibility for any damages or injuries mentioned in the legal claim. Despite the settlement, the city did not acknowledge any wrongdoing in the incident. 

Love's case highlights the physical and emotional consequences of police actions during protests, prompting a financial resolution while leaving the question of responsibility unanswered.

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Link: KCRA 


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