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PragerU Animated Kids Video Has Frederick Douglass Calling Slavery A “Compromise”

Already being linked to controversial changes in Florida’s education standards, new videos from PragerU catering to kids are being criticized for being “misleading” and “factually inaccurate. This includes videos claiming The Black Lives Matter movement led to more crime and masculinity helped World War II.

One video making the social media rounds features an animated Frederick Douglass as the iconic abolitionists says that slavery was a compromise between Founding Fathers and Southern Colonies. Titled “Leo & Layla Meet Federick Douglass,” the video also has Douglass saying that fellow abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison “refused all compromise, demands immediate change and if he doesn’t get what he wants, he likes to set things on fire.”

The year old video comes as 2024 presidential candidate Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has pushed to block Advanced Placement African American studies course, and signed laws to restrict instruction of reproductive health and gender identity in schools.

Other states looking to adopt PragerU’s materials include New Hampshire’s Department of Education. According to reports, state education commissioner Frank Edelblut is even seeking approval from the state board of education for high school students to receive academic credit for completing an online course from PragerU.

“I’m not surprised to hear that New Hampshire is considering welcoming PragerU materials and I’m sure there will be other estates to follow,” said Lorena Germán, an educator and founder of Multicultural Classroom, an organization that promotes inclusive and culturally relevant teaching. “This will probably set a precedent, and we’re going to have other states wanting to consider this and approve it in this quest for a ‘two-sides’ argument. This legitimizes an opposing view that is not factual.”

Link: NBCNews


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