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Police Tasered Man Having Diabetic Emergency At Walmart

In Spruce Pine, N.C., a controversial police incident involving Dillon Ledford, who was arrested at a Walmart during a diabetic emergency, is under scrutiny. Surveillance footage reviewed by experts raises questions about the officers' conduct, especially since Ledford sought to manage his low blood sugar by visiting the store. Over 8 minutes, Ledford entered and left the store. Remaining parked for 40 minutes afterward, employees contacted 911, describing him as having wide, bulging eyes, unresponsive to others, and displaying twitching behavior.

"He has no recollection of what actually happened, just bits and pieces, small things," Ledford's girlfriend Leslie McIntosh said.

The situation escalated after he remained in his car, leading employees to request a wellness check. Responding officers extracted Ledford from his vehicle, using physical force and a taser, actions now under investigation by the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation for potential excessive force. The incident's handling, particularly the absence of medical assistance and the manner of force used has been criticized. According to public records, paramedics were never called. Some police accounts were redacted in the report.

Legal experts suggest the need for a thorough review to determine the appropriateness of the officers' response, emphasizing the importance of considering medical emergencies in police interactions. The District Attorney has indicated an ongoing investigation, withholding comment until its completion.

Link: WLOS


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