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Officer Who Blinded Black Woman During 2020 Protest Exonerated 

In 2020, Sacramento police officer Jeremy Ratcliffe was exonerated for shooting a pepper ball that resulted in Nia Love losing an eye during a protest against police brutality, leading to a $3 million city settlement. 

The Sacramento Bee highlighted the police department's initial failure to release disciplinary documents as required by state law, prompting the release of documents that named Ratcliffe and detailed the incident. The Use of Force committee deemed Ratcliffe's actions, during a protest sparked by George Floyd's death, within policy guidelines. 

Nia Love expressed dissatisfaction with the exoneration, emphasizing a lack of accountability for police officers. Ratcliffe, who has been with the city since 2003 and was part of the Professional Standards Unit as of February 2023, defended his actions as necessary for officer safety during the protest. 

"I am honestly not surprised," Love, who is Black, said Tuesday after learning the news from a reporter. "This is basically saying that me being blinded and having my life completely altered means nothing. Police officers need to start actually being held accountable for their actions. Justice is rarely served when an officer is the one that commits a crime."

The incident, among others, raised questions about the transparency and accountability of police in handling complaints and disciplinary actions. The Sacramento District Attorney's Office did not review the case for criminal charges, as it did not involve a firearm shooting or fatality.

Link: Yahoo News


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