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New Statements Implicate NYPD & Feds In The Assassination Of Malcolm X 

Attorney #BenCrump introduced two new witnesses, Khaleel Sayeed Ramakrishna, and Walter Bowie, during a press conference regarding the ongoing investigation into Malcolm X's death. These witnesses provided crucial evidence in collaboration with co-counsel Ray Hamlin and Flint Taylor. These men allege that an undercover NYPD officer, Robert Wood, lured them into discussing plans to destroy national monuments, subsequently leading to their arrest just days before Malcolm X's murder. 

They assert that this was a deliberate ploy to weaken Malcolm X's security, making him an easier target for assassination. The attorneys claim the conspiracy involved the FBI and the NYPD's Bureau of Special Services and Investigations.

Furthermore, they reference a letter allegedly written by Wood before his death, admitting his role in the plot. The case gained traction after the exoneration of two men convicted of Malcolm X's murder, with settlements totaling $36 million. The attorneys demand transparency from New York and federal agencies, urging the release of pertinent documents. They argue that the delayed release suggests complicity in the cover-up. 

The press conference also included calls for involvement from New York Mayor Eric Adams to push for justice. The narrative underscores the enduring quest for truth and accountability surrounding Malcolm X's assassination. 

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Link: USAToday


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