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Minnesota Department of Corrections Orders Water Quality Re-Test At Stillwater Prison

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Following allegations of poor drinking water conditions in Minnesota's Stillwater Prison, the state's Department of Corrections is conducting a re-test. Community activists organized a press conference in front of the prison to describe what they described as inhumane conditions and inadequate access to clean water. The protesters cited concerns about brownish water and claimed the water was undrinkable. The DOC, in response, had initially denied these allegations, asserting that the claims about a lack of clean water were "patently false."

Inmates at the Stillwater prison had staged a roughly 8-hour protest with about 100 inmates participating peacefully. The activists called for clean water as their top priority during the press conference and emphasized the importance of addressing this issue.

The DOC spokesperson, Andy Skoogman, announced the re-test of the water to "verify past test results, which deemed the water safe." While the color of the water does not necessarily indicate contamination, the protesters and some former inmates maintained that the water quality was a concern, with some experiencing rashes attributed to the water.

Commissioner Paul Schnell of the DOC refuted claims of severe water issues, stating that the water had been tested previously and that there had been no known problems with the water supply. However, activists insisted on independent water testing to verify its safety.

Link: KSTP


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