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Lt. John Clary Will Be Reinstated As A State Trooper After Being Accused Of Withholding Video Of Ronald Greene's Death 

A veteran trooper, Lt. John Clary, from the #Louisiana State Police has been reinstated after previously being accused of concealing body-camera footage. This footage showed an officer dragging Black motorist #RonaldGreene by his ankle shackles during a fatal arrest in 2019. 

Clary, the highest-ranking trooper present at Greene's arrest, will resume active duty following the dismissal of an obstruction of justice charge against him. This dismissal occurred after Clary agreed to testify in the negligent homicide trial of Trooper Kory York, who is accused of causing Greene's death by forcing him to remain facedown and handcuffed for over nine minutes, a tactic experts believe restricted Greene's breathing. 

Clary was among five officers indicted a year ago for Greene's death, initially attributed to a car crash. In an earlier decision, the judge upheld an obstruction of justice charge against Lt. John Clary, the senior officer present during Greene's arrest, who is alleged to have concealed his body camera footage from investigators. However, an investigation by The Associated Press revealed suppressed body-camera footage showing white officers beating, stunning, and dragging Greene.

The reinstatement of Lt. John Clary, a trooper accused of withholding crucial evidence in the case of Ronald Greene's tragic death, raises serious concerns about accountability within the Louisiana State Police. This case displays the systemic issues that persist in policing agencies nationwide. Ronald Greene's life was tragically cut short, and the suppression of evidence only compounds the injustice.

Link: APNews 


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