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Kamora Freeland Becomes One Of The Youngest Black Pilots At 17-Years-Old

Kamora Freeland, a 17-year-old African American from #StatenIsland, successfully obtains her private pilot's license, defying expectations and inspiring her community. Despite initial nerves, Freeland passes her test with flying colors, fulfilling her dream of becoming a pilot. 

"I have a passion for it and I love it," Freeland said.

Supported by her proud family, she aims to encourage other Black girls to pursue their aspirations in aviation.

"She flew me, and I enjoyed it, and she really did it, and I couldn't believe that she was the pilot of the plane that I was sitting in the back of," Freeland's mother said.

Freeland's journey symbolizes resilience and determination, marking a significant milestone in her path towards obtaining a commercial pilot's license.

"It's definitely amazing," Freeland said. "I'm a part of the change that's definitely needed and I want other little Black girls to do the same."

Congratulations Kamora Freeland; continue to inspire the next generation of Black pilots!

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Link: ABC7 NY 


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