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High School Band Director Accuses Birmingham Police Of Excessive Force During Football Game

Johnny Mims, the band director at Minor High School in Alabama, has alleged that Birmingham police used excessive force against him during an incident on September 14. Mims claims that he was shocked with a stun gun three times after he supposedly refused to comply with police orders while they were attempting to clear the field.

In an interview with ABC News' DeMarco Morgan which aired on "Good Morning America," Mims expressed his concerns about the use of "excessive force" during the incident and stated that he feared for his life. He emphasized that he didn't deserve to be tased, highlighting his status as a law-abiding citizen.

Mims, who was placed on administrative leave by the Jefferson County School District following the incident, was supported by his attorney, Juandalynn Givan, and members of the Alabama Education Association (AEA) during a press conference. The AEA called on the school to allow Mims to return to work, understanding the impact on the students who have formed a close bond with him.

The incident occurred during a traditional "fifth quarter" event at P.D. Jackson-Olin High School in Birmingham, where school bands engage in friendly musical competition after football games. Body camera footage released by the Birmingham Police Department shows Mims refusing police requests to stop the music but insisting that they would leave after completing their last song.

Once the situation escalated, officers deployed a stun gun on Mims three times. Givan argued that not all relevant body camera footage has been released and claimed that additional videos would show Mims did not strike a police officer.

Jefferson County Schools Superintendent Walter Gonsoulin expressed his concern for the students who witnessed the incident and mentioned that counselors are available to provide support.

Link: ABCNews


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