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Former Missouri Cop Gets Five Years Probation For Shooting Fleeing Vehicle Several Times

In Clayton, Missouri, former police officer Matthew Schanz was sentenced to five years of probation following a shooting incident where he fired multiple shots at a fleeing vehicle and injured the driver. Schanz had initially pleaded guilty to second-degree assault while his plea agreement required him to surrender his state law enforcement certification until the completion of his probation.

Schanz and fellow officer Christopher Gage served in Velda City, a suburban area in St. Louis. The incident occurred in February 2020 when they initiated a traffic stop due to expired temporary tags. Subsequently, upon discovering marijuana in the vehicle, the driver attempted to escape, prompting Schanz to discharge nine rounds at the fleeing car.

The unknown driver, aged 37, sustained injuries from the gunfire and recovered after the incident. Christopher Gage, who also discharged his weapon, pleaded guilty to unlawful use of a weapon the previous year and was subsequently sentenced to three years of probation.

Link: ABCNews


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