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Family Of Darryl Williams Files Federal Wrongful Death Lawsuit After He Was Stunned Six Times In Fatal Arrest

Civil rights attorney Ben Crump has filed a $25 million federal wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of Darryl Tyree Williams' family. Williams died after Raleigh police officers deployed a Taser on him multiple times outside a sweepstakes parlor in January 2023, leading to sudden cardiac arrest. The lawsuit names the city of Raleigh, Police Chief Estella Patterson, and six officers as defendants. 

"He was no threat to [the] RPD officers that chased him and racially profiled him," Crump said.

Despite Williams' pleas about his heart condition, officers continued to use the Taser, even after subduing him. The autopsy listed Taser use, cocaine intoxication, and physical exertion as contributing factors. Crump argues that cocaine in Williams' system doesn't justify the officers' actions. Emancipate NC Attorney Dawn Blagrove emphasized that legal action was a last resort for accountability. 

"We have no doubt this lawsuit is strong," Attorney Dawn Blagrove with Emancipate NC said. "We take no joy in this; there's no doubt the city of Raleigh has turned a blind eye to negligence over and over again."

The Raleigh Police Department refrained from commenting on the pending litigation, asserting that the officers involved are still employed. This case sheds light on alleged police negligence and excessive force, prompting legal action to hold accountable those involved in Williams' tragic death.

We stand in solidarity with Williams' family as they pursue justice through the federal wrongful death lawsuit.

Link: WRAL


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