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Family of Antonio Ibañez Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit In Montclair, California

The family of Antonio Ibañez filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city of Montclair and its police department. Ibañez was killed by police on March 5 when officers responded to a 911 call about a man allegedly armed with an object. The family claims that the incident was a call for assistance and no one was in danger. According to the family's lawyers, police officers used a Taser and batons during the encounter, resulting in Ibañez's hospitalization and ultimately his death.

Ibañez's brother, Abraham Rojo, described the incident as a "mental wellness check" that tragically ended in Ibañez's death. The family and their legal team argue that excessive force was used during the encounter. Christian Contreras, an attorney representing the family, raised concerns about the use of force and stated that the incident is under investigation.

The lawsuit highlights the ongoing debate about the use of force by law enforcement and its impact on individuals in distress.

We will continue to monitor this lawsuit and please leave your comments.

Link: ABC 7


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