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Ex-Head of Police Sergeants Union Edward Mullins Will Serve 2 Years For Fraud Charge

Controversial former Head of Police Sergeants Union Edward Mullins just received two years in federal prison alongside restitution fines after pleading guilty to pocketing $600,000 in union money.

Reports had Mullins committed wire fraud by submitting hundreds of false expense reports to the union treasure for repayment of purchases. Some of the purchases included credit card bills, a relative’s college tuition, high-end jewelry and clothes and $3,000 worth of expensive meals.

Mullins must surrender to the Federal Bureau of Prisons by Nov. 10 and he’s told the court that “Life has completely crashed around me, and given me much time to think.” He will have to surrender to the Federal Bureau of Prisons by Nov. 10. Following a raid of Mullins’ Port Washington on Long Island home in Oct. 5 2021 by federal investigators, several items taken included cell phones, iPads, financial documents, hard drives and more.

The former union head was a divisive figure in New York City. During the 2020 presidential election, Mullins endorsed Donald Trump and was “proud” to give his support. He made offensive tweets against city officials and leaked former NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio's daughter's arrest records. According to media outlet Vice, Mullins even shared a 15-minute video calling Black people “monsters.”

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