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Detention Center Officer Hit Inmate While Handcuffed & Stood On His Head

Attorneys representing Eldred Joe, a 30-year-old man severely beaten by an officer at Marlboro County Detention Center, demand the release of the incident video. Joe suffered head and body injuries during processing, enduring 12 hours handcuffed, requiring surgeries and hospitalization. 

Officer Morgan Elridge Ridges allegedly struck Joe's head, attempted to apply a "spit mask," and punched him. Marlboro County Sheriff's Office dismissed Ridges after reviewing surveillance footage, leading to SLED's investigation and Ridges' subsequent arrest for assault and misconduct. Civil rights attorney Bakari Sellers urges public accountability, emphasizing the need for transparency. 

Sheriff Larry McNeil, since taking office after his predecessor's indictment, suspended Ridges and referred the case to SLED for an independent investigation. However, he cites legal constraints preventing the public release of the video. The victim's family has been invited to view it. Joe's attorneys are considering legal action.

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Link: WPDE


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