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Data Shows Black & Latino Students Lack Access To Certified Teachers And Advanced Classes 

The U.S. Education Department has released data revealing significant disparities in educational opportunities for Black and Latino students in #America. The findings, part of the Civil Rights Data Collection during the 2020-2021 school year, highlight systemic inequities with lasting consequences for these students.

Firstly, Black and Latino students are more likely to attend schools with fewer certified teachers, affecting their educational outcomes. Additionally, students of color are more likely to be in schools with security staff but no counselors, hindering their access to essential support services.

Access to advanced classes, which improve college prospects, is also unequal. Black and Latino students have limited access to and enrollment in advanced courses compared to their white and Asian peers, perpetuating educational gaps.

The disparities extend to course offerings. In schools with high Black and Latino enrollment, fewer advanced courses in math, science, and computer science are available, with calculus being notably absent in 35% of these schools.

Furthermore, students with disabilities and English learners face unequal access to math and science classes, hindering their educational opportunities.

The data underscores the urgent need for equitable educational opportunities. Advocates are calling for access to certified teachers for all students and holding the government accountable for addressing these inequalities. The Civil Rights Data Collection serves as an important tool for assessing equality in public schools, though the pandemic's disruption has impacted some of the data.

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Link: NBCNews


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