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Data Reveals Black Women Are Six Times More Likely To Be Killed Than White Women 

Troubling new data published in The Lancet medical journal reveals a stark reality that many are already familiar with: Black adult women in the United States are six times more likely to be victims of homicide compared to their white counterparts. Analyzing homicide rates across 30 states from 1999 to 2020, the study sheds light on the alarming disparities faced by Black women, particularly those aged 25 to 44.

Lead author Bernadine Waller, a postdoctoral psychiatry research fellow at Columbia University’s Irving Medical Center, expresses dismay at the lack of prior research into this issue. The findings underscore a pressing need for action as they confirm the disproportionate violence faced by Black women, with structural racism identified as a key factor. Intimate partner violence emerges as a significant contributor to these homicides, highlighting the urgency for addressing domestic violence within Black communities. 

Karma Cottman, CEO of Ujima Inc., emphasizes the intersectionality of economic instability, access to firearms, and fear of police among Black women, calling for normalized conversations and concerted efforts to combat domestic violence. 

“When you don’t have access to housing, you’ve got a greater strain on the relationship,” Cottman said. “When you’re already living in an impoverished community, you have a greater strain on your relationship. Then you tie all of that together within having increased homicide rates across the board and access to firearms — particularly for younger people — then you have higher lethality rates.”

As the study prompts calls for more stringent gun legislation and systemic change, Waller stresses that addressing the inequities impacting Black women is crucial not just for them but for the entire nation.

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Link: NBCNews 


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