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Connections for the Homeless - $20,000 to help w/ food + stimulating the economy, shelter, & PPE.

Updated: May 21, 2020

Connections for the Homeless' Mission is to serve and catalyze our community to end homelessness, one person at a time.

Connections is in the northern suburbs of the Chicago metropolitan area / Evanston area leading the effort to deliver essential services to people who are houseless and unstably housed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our Know Your Rights Camp COVID-19 Relief Fund support will directly help with these efforts as they work on the frontlines serving our communities.

“We are proud to collaborate with Colin Kaepernick's Know Your Rights Camp, who is generously supporting our efforts with their COVID-19 Relief Fund, to feed approximately 200 neighbors experiencing houselessness by providing us with an amazing new grant which allows us to purchase 3 meals a day from local restaurants, as well as contribute to our increased operations amidst this pandemic.” - Nia Tavoularis, Director of Development, Connections for the Homeless.

Food, Stimulating the Local Economy, Shelter Relief, PPE + Basic Needs

Total Grant Amount to Connections for the Homeless: $20,000

  • $10,000 towards shelter relief

  • $5,000 towards food relief + stimulating the local economy

  • $5,000 towards basic needs including PPE

Connections for the Homeless is recognized as leaders on the causes of and solutions to houselessness, and have been in operation for over 35 years. When the COVID-19 pandemic came to Northern Cook County, Connections responded with incredible determination and agility with the following accomplishments:

  • Moving nearly 200 individuals, 40 of whom are children, into discounted rooms at local hotels with 24-hour/7 days a week staff support

  • Launching the only emergency shelter for 20 adults in the region that follows CDC recommendations and operates 24/7

  • Activated local restaurants to purchase 3 meals a day for each person sheltering at a hotel, a total of over 500 meals daily

  • Maintained daily drop-in services to provide the community with access to a food pantry, basic supplies like toilet paper, hand sanitizer, clothes, showers, and case management. (There were more than 400 visits to the drop-in center in March with food pantry visits doubling following the shelter-in-place order)

  • Continued to support the 180 people in 90 units of housing scattered throughout the community by purchasing and delivering vital food and supplies to ensure that residents can stay in place.

To learn more and support, please visit:


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