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CoCo Gauff Gets Tennis Court She Trained In As A Child Refurbished 

Coco Gauff has become the first U.S. tennis player to officially secure her place on the Olympic field for her debut in Paris, thanks to accumulating sufficient points to ensure she will be one of the top four U.S. women's singles players by the end of the Olympic qualifying period, concluding after the French Open in early June. Celebrating her 20th birthday, Gauff returns to Delray Beach, Florida, aiming to contribute to the community that supported her journey. 

"I want to pour into the communities that poured into me," Gauff told NBC News. "Tennis is something I always will promote. But I want to promote sports and other extracurricular activities in general, because I think everybody needs an outlet in their life."

Tennis Association focuses on enhancing access to tennis courts nationwide, starting with refurbishing Pompey Park courts, where she trained as a child. This initiative, fueled by a $3 million grant, mirrors Gauff's commitment to sports and community engagement, honoring her family's impactful legacy in civil rights and education in Delray. 

"The more access you allow children to get to these [courts] — and the more children that are playing — is the greater the probability of the next great champion coming along," Gauff said. 

Gauff's ambitions for 2024 include winning another Grand Slam and an Olympic medal, reflecting her deep family ties, inspirations from Serena and Venus Williams, and her broader aspirations beyond tennis.

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