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Black Woman Employee At AT&T Fired After Reporting Racist Death Threats

Stacey Fowler, the highest-ranking Black woman at AT&T Ohio, filed a federal complaint after being fired from her role as the director of the construction and engineering department. Her termination followed her reporting of a racist death threat from a white male subordinate. Fowler, who dedicated 33 years to AT&T, faced challenges in a male-dominated department and was tasked with reducing the workforce. However, she alleges that white male managers accused her of terminating staff based on their race.

The situation escalated when an anonymous note containing racist and threatening language was found on her office desk. Although she reported it, the investigation into the death threat was delayed, contrasting sharply with the swift investigation into claims of discrimination against her. Despite identifying a possible suspect related to the threatening note, Fowler was terminated without proper explanation or paperwork.

AT&T denies Fowler's allegations and asserts she was fired for policy violations after an investigation. Fowler's lawsuit seeks compensation and alleges that her termination created a hostile work environment. She emphasizes the prevalence of racism and misogyny within the workplace and aims not only to defend herself but also to advocate for marginalized employees fearful of reporting discrimination.

Despite receiving accolades and positive performance reviews, Fowler feels abandoned by a company where she dedicated a significant portion of her life. She criticizes the lack of protection and support despite her commitment and hard work for the company. AT&T maintains its denial of discrimination, promising to contest the lawsuit and reaffirm its commitment against any form of discrimination.

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