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Black St. Louis Homeowner Attempting To Fix AC Unit Attacked By Police

#ShawnCaradineSr., a well-respected Black mechanical engineer and entrepreneur in #St.Louis, faced a traumatic encounter with law enforcement while fixing the air conditioning unit at one of his rental properties. Responding to security alerts triggered by his tenant, Caradine was confronted by a police officer who demanded identification despite his explanations and offers to show phone records and keys to the property.

The situation escalated as the officer handcuffed Caradine, tripped him to the ground, and allegedly choked him. Despite the pleas of neighbors confirming Caradine's identity, he endured humiliation for half an hour before a sergeant intervened and ordered his release.

Caradine, a trailblazer in his community, highlighted his accomplishments – the first in his family to graduate college, earn an engineering degree, and attain a master's degree. He emphasized his dedication to community service, including rehabilitating housing for struggling families and providing job opportunities for local youth.

Despite his success and community standing, Caradine's encounter exposed the deep-rooted issue of racial bias. The officer's actions were not reflective of Caradine's achievements but rather a prejudiced perception of a Black man in an orange jacket. Caradine has filed a complaint with internal affairs, seeking reprimand or removal of the involved officer and a face-to-face conversation to address the unjust treatment. As the community awaits the outcome of the internal investigation, the incident underscores the urgent need for addressing systemic racism and bias within police.

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