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Atlanta City Council Approves $3.75 Million Settlement For The Police Death Of Ricardo Dorado Jr.

The family of Nebraska man Ricardo Dorado Jr. will receive a $3.75 million payout from the city of Atlanta after he died while police handcuffed him face down.

Dorado Jr.’s death was ruled to be caused by prone restraint cardiac arrest while contributing factors include heart disease and baton hits to the head by officers among others.

“A review of the bodycam footage in this case clearly reflects that the egregious misconduct of several officers employed by the City of Atlanta Police Department caused Ricky’s untimely death,” Gabe Banks, an attorney for Dorado’s family, said in a statement. “Ricky was unarmed, and his death was completely preventable.”

Police responded to an Atlanta convenience store where a man was causing havoc by damaging vehicles and gas pumps. Despite attempts to incapacitate the individual using tasers and pepper spray, the situation escalated. The incident report details that the man, Dorado, improvised by using a T-shirt to seal the convenience store's doors and then barricaded himself in a restroom. Upon entry by the officers, Dorado emerged aggressively, throwing punches and kicks, as noted in the report.

The medical examiner said Dorado was suffering from “reportedly exhibiting an altered mental status” during the brawl and “a history of schizophrenia and methamphetamine use.” Initially, reports stated that Dorado’s family had planned to sue for $17.5 million before settling the case with the city.

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Link: APNews


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