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Anti-Discrimination Bill Written Without Black Lawmakers According To Representatives 

The South Carolina House passed a bill, 84-30, restricting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives in public colleges and universities. The bill faced opposition from Black lawmakers who were excluded from its drafting. Republicans argued DEI programs foster discrimination, while Democrats contended they are essential for serving diverse student populations. The primary sponsor, Republican Rep. Tim McGinnis, emphasized equal treatment for all.

However, Rep. Leon Howard highlighted the absence of Black input, citing personal experiences with racism. Republican Rep. Adam Morgan, from the conservative Freedom Caucus, pushed for the bill to limit DEI projects. The proposal prohibits colleges from using DEI criteria in admissions and hiring but allows for program continuation with reporting requirements. 

"We had no Black people involved in crafting this legislation so y'all don't know how we feel today. We feel some kind of way about that. We feel offended about that," said Howard, who has been in the House since 1995.

Critics fear it will stifle diversity discussions and perpetuate discrimination. The bill's fate in the Senate is uncertain due to time constraints and budget discussions. Nationwide, Democrats advocate for increased DEI considerations through 30 measures, while Republicans push against it with over 60 measures, reflecting a broader ideological divide in state legislatures.

Link: Yahoo News 


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