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$25,000 Grant to Reskill America: The Great Rehiring Initiative for Laptops

Know Your Rights Camp (KYRC) granted Reskill America: The Great Rehiring Initiative $25,000 towards their goal to give away thousands of laptops to our communities impacted by COVID-19.

Tens of thousands of people don’t have the laptops required to take advantage of online learning opportunities. With more companies shifting towards remote work, there’s never been a better time to accelerate Black and Brown representation in tech.

Career Karma believes that by supporting underestimated groups and guiding them through the process of leveling up into tech careers, we can bring economic prosperity and technological innovation back into our local communities one household at a time.

Education, Laptops, Basic Needs + Skill Development for disproportionately impacted communities, women, and people of color.

Total Grant Amount to Reskill America: $25,000

  • Laptops for low income communities impacted by COVID-19

  • Educational resources

  • Reskill and resources to re-enter the workforce

  • Help Black & Brown Americans acquire new skills

For more information or to find out how you can help, please visit

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Unknown member
Apr 26, 2021

Great work you're doing! Please contact me so that I can also carry your torch!!

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